Opposing War Memorial Fundraising Campaign Launched

Less than two weeks after gaining unanimous approval from a key City of Edinburgh Council committee, we launched a campaign to raise £149,500 needed to complete the Opposing War Memorial. We need to raise the money to complete technical drawings, cast the sculpture in bronze and install it in Princes St Gardens by August 2019, the centenary of the end of imprisonment for First World War COs.

Prior to this new phase of fundraising we raised over £18,000 from donations ranging from £5 to £5,000 that enabled us to run the artists’ competition, commission the maquette, and bring the campaign to this point. We aim to raise £41,000 more in private donations and the rest from grants. The crowdfunder is off to a flying start raising £3,000 in the first day!  of the crowdfunder.

Please help us make this happen. Click here to Donate now. Then, help spread the word by sharing the video on Facebook so as many people as possible will be involved and make this memorial an enduring public expression of people’s aspirations for a world without war, where no one is forced to kill another human being.

1 thought on “Opposing War Memorial Fundraising Campaign Launched”

  1. Born in wartime Singapore, I was interned for the first 3 years of my life with my mother. My father was a Volunteer, not a soldier, but was sent up to work on the Burma Railway. Both survived, but the experience affected them for the rest of their lives. I oppose war anywhere, at any time and am happy to male a small donation. Jenny Martin (Associate member of the Iona Community).


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