Create your own peace handkerchief & contribute to creation of the Memorial

embroidering handkiesCreate a peace handkerchief of your own design and help contribute to the creation of an Opposing War Memorial.

At this online workshop in June you will create a simple emblem, image or text design which Kate will then help you embroider onto fabric.

FAU clothArtist Kate Ive will share information about the upcoming memorial and help you with your design.

In 2018, Kate was chosen to design an Opposing War Memorial to be installed in Princes Street Gardens.

The memorial will include a reflection space with a bronze peace tree sculpture, inspired by the Davidia Involucratia, ‘The Handkerchief Tree’.

The tree will be covered in bronze embroidered handkerchiefs, each showing a different aspect of conscientious objection, opposition to war, and peace building.Bronze leaf

To register interest in taking place in an upcoming workshop email us here.

When a sufficient number of people have expressed interest we will contact you with options for dates.

Materials will be provided. The workshop is free and you will be able to take your work home.





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