Edinburgh COs

Men whose claims to exemption were rejected by local tribunals, as so many were, could appeal to County wide Appeals Tribunals. After the war, the records of most Appeals Tribunals were destroyed. Those of the Edinburgh Tribunal were one of a small number which were preserved and so give an important window into the significant history of resistance to war in Scotland. These records are available to review at the National Archives of Scotland. 

To mark the centenary of the end of the armistice each day from mid-October until late November 2018 we will post a brief account of the experience of one of 237 First World War Conscientious Objectors who appeared before the Edinburgh Appeals Tribunal. These synopses have been compiled by Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre intern Margherita Distrotti. Click the name to read about one of the COs.

Douglas Anderson

Peter Anderson

William Baillie

William Cochrane Barr

John Bell

James Borthwick

Herbert Cecil Gordon Brown

Robert Brown

Alexander Ramage Carroll

William Cairns

William Neilson Deas

Geoffry Horace Elphick

Alexander Findlater

William Girwood

Francis Halliday

David Wilson Hyslop

James Jackson

John Vallace Johnston

Allen Duncan King

George Ferguson MacKenzie

John Alexander Neilson

Harry Ockrent

Eddie Perkins

William Ingleby Pollit

Andrew Robert

George Bellingal Scott

James Fredrick Scott

Alexander Ferguson Skedd

Thomas Strachan

George Waugh Junior

Thomas Porteus Weir

James Wilson

Arthur Woodburn

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