Alexander Findlater

On 29 February 1916, Alexander Findlater appeared for a local tribunal an applied for total exemption: “Being a Christian and desirous of being here for the Lords interest I use all the time I have to spare to this end, on this count I desire absolute exemption, Should the government deem the above reason not sufficient for exemption I will be free to undergo whatever punishment I may be inflicted for the Lord sake.”

On 22 March, he was not granted exemption and he appealed on 16 March, writing: “I respectfully appeal against the decision of the gentlemen of the Local Tribunal as I failed to state my case as intended to due to my nervousness, I feel that if my case had been properly put before them they would have granted me entire exemption. I am thankful to have another opportunity of giving them my reason for claiming exemption.”

He was court-martialled in March 1916 in Edinburgh and on 19 may 1916 in Aldershot.