Andrew Robert Hyslop

On 18 February 1916, Andrew Robert Hyslop applied for total exemption, stating: “The ground of my exemption is entirely of a religious character, I cannot take part in the war on any terms either as a combatant or non combatant as I believe that in so doing I should be disobeying the commands of Christ. Military service, in my opinion, involves a denial of the Fatherhood of God and Christ, and standing on this basis of religious conviction, there are no circumstances which can ever release me from my duty of refusing to serve. I believe that I am rendering the best service possible to the nation at this time by promoting these influences of reconciliation through Christ in which alone there seems to be a hope of future peace and progress in the world. I have held the view for seven years that Christianity ad war are incompatible and during that period have taken a great interest in peace propaganda. Also, I have been a member of the Liberal Christian league since January 1909, one of whose object is “to promote the development of international goodwill by concentrating attention upon and seeking to strengthen the forces that make for peace and union among nations. I am also a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.”

The tribunal granted him exemption from combatant service only. He appealed, but the appeal was dismissed.