Conscientious Objectors Today

In Israel Conscientious Objectors to compulsory military service are imprisoned repeatedly for 112 days each time. Hallel Rabin, a conscientious objector, spent two terms in Prison 6 for refusing to serve in the army. A few days before returning to the ICRC to refuse for a third time, she was interviewed by Social TV and justified her decision to refuse in public, after the IDF Conscience Committee was not persuaded to dismiss her.

2021 Shministiyot Letter

A group of High School students in Israel have published a letter calling for high school seniors (shministiyot) their age to ask themselves: What and who are we serving when we enlist in the military? Why do we enlist? What reality do we create by serving in the military of the occupation? Read the full text of the letter here. 

Conversations with two Israeli Conscientious Objectors: Mattan Helman & Ayelet Brachfeld