James Fredrick Scott

On 28 February 16 James Fredrick Scott applied for total exemption: “1) Seven even Years ago I solemnly, before God, consecrated my whole being to him and vowed that thenceforth I would accept God’s Will as the sole truth of my life. I cannot therefore allow any Military Authority to take the place in me, which I have vowed shall belong to God forever. 2) The Will of God, as exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and in the writings of his apostles, is not only opposed to War, but is also opposed to those sentiments which make war possible; vig. hatred, strife, retaliation, revenge. And as my supreme desire Is to become conformed to the image of God’s son, thus having the will of God wrought in me, I cannot participate in anything that would call for the exercise of such sentiments, or that would make me a party in the expression of such sentiments. 3) Having consecrated my life to God, I desire to fulfil that consecration daily, by using my time, substance and talents in as direct a way as possible, in the service of His truth. Therefore for the foregoing reasons I apply for total exemption.”

On 25 April he was granted exemption from combatant service only. He appealed but the appeal was dismissed.