Shortlisted Designs

Holger Lonze

Holger Lonze is a sculptor based in Ireland working in bronze, based in Ireland.

Holger Lonze main image

You can read Holger Lonze’s design proposal and see more images of his design at: Holger Lonze CO Memorial Design Proposal

Graeme Massie and Donald Urquhart

Graeme Massie Architects are an acclaimed Edinburgh-based practice who submitted a design proposal in collaboration with Donald Urquhart, a Royal Scottish Academy member and Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Programme Director for Art Space Nature.

GMA-DU design image

Graeme Massie and Donald Urquhart’s design proposal is available  here.

Kenny Hunter 

Kenny Hunter is a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art. He has created many works of public art.

KennyHunter opposingwar memorial pic closeup cropped

You can read Kenny Hunter’s design proposal for the Opposing War Memorial at: kenny_hunter_opposing_war-summary