William Ingleby Pollitt

On 26 February 1916 William Ingleby Pollit applied for total exemption stating: “I believe that while it is the duty of everyone to serve the state it is wrong to take part in destructive work such as war, which is inglorious to mankind as a whole and therefore to the individual nation; that to take part in war therefore is to render not a service but a disservice to the state; and that all policy of non resistance is the only practical way of overcoming war… I see no logical intermediate position between non-resistance and the scheme opposite policy which demands military effectiveness, regardless of humanitarian and moral considerations. I am compelled therefore to adopt the non-resistance attitude and am willing to accept all the consequences thereof, knowing that they cannot be worse than those of the opposite policy.” He was refused exemption, he appealed, but the appeal was dismissed.He was assigned to the 33d Royal Scots. He was court martialled in Duddington on 3 April 1917 and sentenced to six months with hard labour then commuted to 4 months at Wormwood S. prison. On 23 May 1917 he was assigned to the Home Office Scheme in Wakefield.