Nearly £68,000 raised so far! Donate to support the Memorial

We have raised £67,940 so far in donations (including in-kind donations) and grants  towards a project budget of £164,778 for casting, fabrication and installation of the peace tree sculpture and granite bench. Of funds raised so far all but £600 is from private donations, including a single donations of over £23,000 received in 2019. We… Continue reading Nearly £68,000 raised so far! Donate to support the Memorial

Soldiers’ Resistance to the Glencoe Massacre of 1692

By Elena (Lane) Deamant The history of the Highlands is full of tales about clan rivalries, ancient battles, and rugged wilderness. It is a place both rapidly in motion, embodied by its swooping herons and streams that flow down its mountainsides, and at a stand-still, as its past has been carefully preserved and memorialized.1 Whether… Continue reading Soldiers’ Resistance to the Glencoe Massacre of 1692

The abandoned conscientious objectors of the Yugoslav war

Destroyed Yugoslav National Army T-72 tank at Vukovar, 1991, 29 November 1991, Author Peter Denton, Source, CC By SA 4.0 Milan was a shopkeeper from Serbia who had voiced his opposition to the war in Kosovo during a gathering that took place outside of his store. The report states that he had said that Milosevic… Continue reading The abandoned conscientious objectors of the Yugoslav war

Conscientious Objection and Opposition to the Vietnam War in the USA

By Elena (Lane) Deamant Introduction: The Cultural Backdrop The political, ideological, and ethical contentions of the Vietnam War led to the largest antiwar movement in history. Around 1964-5, when the US military began its full-throttle attacks on North Vietnam, the American public was already primed for protest activism by the ongoing civil rights and anti-nuclear… Continue reading Conscientious Objection and Opposition to the Vietnam War in the USA

French Conscientious Objection to the Algerian War

By Alexander Gunnar Raboisson The right to conscientious objections remains a blurred area in which the applicability of it differs from nation to nation. If we read the factsheet on conscientious objections of the European court of human rights, it is easy to observe that it has in the past not been prevalent within the… Continue reading French Conscientious Objection to the Algerian War

The freedom to obey your conscience in Finland

By Alexander Gunnar Raboisson Finnish conscripts giving their military oath, Author: Karri Huhtanen, Source, Date 26 August 2005 Finland is the only country in Scandinavia that requires obligatory military service for all men. In the three other countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, conscription remains in place; but only 20% of those in the age group end… Continue reading The freedom to obey your conscience in Finland

Feminist Conscientious Objection in Israel

Israel is one of only a few countries around the world where military service is compulsory for women, resulting in a multitude of unique anti-military movements by women with many different views. The military is widely recognized as a central aspect of people’s lives, as the feminist group New Profile has documented. From armed soldiers… Continue reading Feminist Conscientious Objection in Israel

Online Embroidery Workshop Saturday 15 May On Conscientious Objectors' memorial day create your own embroidery peace handkerchief with Opposing War Memorial artist, Kate Ive. Join us for this online workshop with Opposing War Memorial lead artist Kate Ive on 15 May. Create a peace handkerchief of your own design with Kate's help. She will give some background to the upcoming… Continue reading Online Embroidery Workshop Saturday 15 May